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to take drastic measures that may make divorce look positively quaint. luckily law enforcement has filed such plots. more on marriage going very wrong. >> reporter: a car door opens, a woman gets inside. greetings are exchanged. >> nice to meet you. so i guess we got a little business to discuss? >> yes. >> reporter: and then a murder is planned in one of the most staggering conversations you may ever happen to overhear, because listen. >> well, why don't you tell me what -- >> well, i am just trying to figure out the -- what i want done. >> reporter: it is her own husband she is talking about killing. >> you want it to look like a break-in -- >> well, we were talking about that too, i thought since i may be able to get him outside, i have a girlfriend who hopes to move in with me, and i don't want her to be scared to move in with me if she thinks we got broken into. i'm afraid because i want her to move in with me, because i don't want to live there by myself afterwards. >> reporter: and the guy she is talking to? that right hand there? that is who she wants to hire to kill her husband,
. the obama administration is struggling with words great if they call the overthrow a coup, by u.s. law, all non- humanitarian aid to egypt be suspended. that includes more than a billion dollars that go strictly to the egyptian army. >> we are following breaking news in the search for a missing boy who is severely autistic. >> we will have a live up eight for you. >> also tonight, a little bit of sun and a little bit of rain. doug is back with more on what is in store tonight. >> the red-hot nationals load up for the second-half stretch run. >> we are going to update you now on a strictly top of the newscast -- the autistic missing boy -- the missing boy who is severely autistic. >> as i told you at the top of the broadcast, it is not looking good but police have not confirmed anything here. something or someone was found in the alley behind his row of apartments on west virginia avenue. as an officer slammed his hands in anger and then we heard someone say oh god, call an ambulance. it was in a car that was within 30 or 40 feet from where this child was last seen yesterday when he was rest
the letter of the law, based on the evidence that's been presented, and convicted him either murder or manslaughter. >> manslaughter included? >> absolutely. >> is there any lesser charge? >> it's possible that the judge will allow even lesser charges there and then we'll have to see what the juror would do. but that's to be determined. >> almost over but going really well for the defense? >> absolutely. >> thanks, dan abrams. >>> now an emotional day in arizona, a memorial service for the 19 firefighters, the granite mountain hot shots who died last week. today the lone survivor from the crew who was on lookout that day resided the hot shot prayer. >> first is day on the line i should answer death's call, bless my hot shot crew, my family, one and all. thank you, and i miss my brothers. >> 19 boots, empty helmets, one for each of the fallen men. >>> now to park stan and strange new details about osama bin laden hiding in plane sight there. a report says the terror master mind did it by going country. he shaved his beard and wore cowboy hats to hide from satellites. he was nearly ca
cocaine dealers has been extradited to the u.s. to face charges. daniel berrara, has been evading the law with cosmetic surgeries. he's used acid to try to burn off his fingerprints. >>> a new warning about gas prices are about to jump even higher because of what is happening overseas. abc's rebecca jarvis is here with those unfortunate details. >> reporter: they are unfortunate. good morning, amy. drivers are already feeling it. just overnight, prices at the pump surging. we're now paying an average of $3.50 a gallon. that's up 2 cents from yesterday. the political crisis in egypt is to blame. much of the world's oil passes through the suez canal. and any upheaval could disrupt shipments. and gas stations will be passing on higher prices to drivers in the next two weeks. some stations are paying as many as 20 cents more per gallon because of higher oil prices. and, amy, if egypt descends into civil war, we can expect to pay over $4 per gallon. >> all eyes on that region, indeed, for many reasons. >>> back here in washington, house republicans will tackle the contentious issue of immigrat
of $8.25 an hour. walmart says if that bill becomes law three stores it's planned for the district will not be built. >> virginia state police have released the mug shot of one of governor bob mcdonnell's sons. 21-year-old sean patrick mcdonnell was arrested in charlottesville on alcohol-related charges. a spokesman for the virginia governor's office says this is a personal matter and is being addressed by the family. mcdonnell is a senior at the university of virginia. >> loved ones said good-bye to a virginia mother who walked among the crowd for a living. jane wicker died while performing as a wing walker during an air show in ohio. back home she was remembered as someone with a larger-than-life spirit. wicker planned to marry her fiancee while doing what she loves. >> full of energy and excitement that when you met her, you had better hold on for the ride because you were going to be swept up in her forward momentum. >> wicker was 44 years old, she is survived by her two children, pilot charlie swinger also died. the ntsb is still investigating the cause of that deadly crash. >
seven news law-enforcement made a concerted effort to keep ballard out of that neighborhood. we were told he was given a hotel to stay in. officers were familiar with him. they asked him to leave the neighborhoods. we have been told he was assaulted in the neighborhood the weekend before he was killed. reporting live, i am jennifer donelan. and include for investigators trying to figure out who was stealing checks from mailboxes. these women try to cash stolen checks and banks around our region. investigators say they think the women were using ids that did not belong to them. to becomeellers began suspicious. >> walmarts future ndc is in jeopardy. a vote set for tomorrow could end plans for three of the big box stores in the district. autria godfrey is live with the details. months,onths and although we have been talking about is that added jobs and opportunities the stores are supposed to bring to residents here in the district. six stores were supposed to open. with each store opening, 300 new jobs. word today that three of those six stores will not begin construction. there was s
own case and made sure thor. paid a bigger price than he would have in the hands of law enforcement. it's when she noticed items were missing from inside of her car. she noticed an unfamiliar cell phone that had been left behind. when she figured out belonged to the thief. instead of calling police, she called his mom. >> i said, this is very uncomfortable phone call to make. i have your son's phone. and i'm missing some things out of my car. and i think they might be two related items. and she was devastated. >> so, the busted 19-year-old admitted that he and his friends got drunk and went on a stealing spree. but they proposed they go door-to-door, apologize and return what they had stolen. humiliating, but that's what they did. hopefully, this is a lesson learned and they don't do it again. >> well-handled. >>> time, now, for sports. the chicago white sox has an extraordinary 23 hits last night. and most throughout the best pitchers in the game. >> here's our friends at espn with all of the highlights. >> welcome to our "sportscenter" studios in los angeles. along with stuart sco
. and they sometimes choose to go their own way. there's others who say they wouldn't be ignoring the law. >> the jurors have heard every, single moment of testimony. >> that's right. >> we'll see what happens this week. >> all right. >>> now, to the bizarre story about a woman caught on camera soliciting a hitman to kill her husband. you see her right there. she said killing him, get this, would be easier than divorcing him. and here's another twist. he's fighting to keep her out of prison. abc's john muller has the details. >> he's going to die. you understand that? >> makes me sad. >> reporter: this jaw-dropping video reveals a 21-year-old wife planning a hit on her husband. >> unless you can do it without breaking his back. >> reporter: julia merfeld met with a man she thought was a hitman for hire. >> so, you don't want it done in the house, then? >> it would be messy in the house. >> reporter: providing maps, and a sketch of her home, julia asked the hitman to make the hit look like a robbery. the hitman was an undercover cop. >> she had approached a co-worker about this idea. and t
preventable that you wish more people would follow the rules or the directions or the law. >> direction is a good thing, we'd like to see people follow the channel markers, the navigation aids, safety lights sunset to sunrise are supposed to be according to code. one of the biggest thing we'd like to see people is the alcohol prevention and boating, that's a big prevention that we try to stress when dealing with the public. >> have a designate the driver for your boat just like a car. quickly, you have better education classes, is that right? >> correct, we offer classes through our online website. you can go to to take a course. also coast guard puts on an excellent education course and for some of those individuals who require or would like to have a more hands-on feel some classes are actually taught where you can go and participate in the class to get a better understanding of the rules on the water. >> we'll talk more about boating, on the occoquan later on in the show. this weekend sunny and mid 80s. this is a good gig this morning. let's go inside. amanda, the traffic here? diffe
: the mug shots, the run-ins with the law. there were at least three incidents last year including an arrest after travis crashed his car. police say he threatened troopers and showed up at a store naked looking to buy cigarettes. for some fans thatter in the past. they're now focusing on travis' future. >> everybody is pulling for randy travis. despite everything he has ben through the last couple years, i think people really still like randy travis. and he has just got a ton of country music hits that people still love to listen to. >> wish him the best. he has the the coolest voice. look a really deep baritone. doesn't sound it. next tomb you are in the car, sing a randy travis song to yourself. he is way down there. sound way up here. really great singer. sentence to two year probation for the incident in the roadside ditch. two years probation. had to do 30 days in alcohol treatment. >> a brand new album due out this fall. he is out there. sure he is trying to pro molt this. all of a sudden he has gotten sick. we were him the best. >> banning baggy pants at the beach. >> that's not all.
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10